When I started ShoreTees SUPwear one of my guiding principles was to try and support non profit organisations which in my heart, felt like the ones who were really trying to make a difference and support our oceans. I was also very clear in my mind that I wanted to continue to be an ambassador and champion charities, organisations and people who followed my ‘Live Beyond’ ethos, and focused on giving back to the community and those less fortunate

If you want to know what we do and who we support please visit out new #LiveBeyond page

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The first organisation I chose to support was Surfers Against Sewage.  

I used to be a surfer in my younger days before a bad car accident knackered up my knees, so I have always followed the work of SaS.  I was so please that when I reached out to them when I launched ShoreTees SUPwear, that I was able to become a member of their ‘250 club’ for small business’s.  

I would love to do more for them and one day I hope too, but as a fledgling small business, I don’t have the revenue to do huge amounts but was clear I wanted to do something, i have always been a believer that if you try, you can succeed.  

If like me you have an affinity and care about our oceans, i would highly recommend becoming a part of this amazing organisation who work tirelessly in the UK to drive their agenda to clean our oceans, and protect the sealife.

You will see more of me highlighting what Surfers against Sewage do, but as I said, as an organisation close to my heart and working so hard to make a difference, I hope to always be a part of Surfers against Sewage

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In my research for another organisation that I felt linked to my brand and ethos, I came across many amazing non profit organisations that were trying to make a difference.  It was only when I stumbled upon ‘Less Plastic’ that I found one that resonated with me and what I was trying to do.

It was amazing to find Less Plastic during my research and whilst reading their website and understanding more about them, I had a great feeling about them.  They are a family run, non profit organisation who are based in Devon and in a very short space of time  In since they set up (2015), they have made huge progress for such a small family organisation, and with a rapidly growing social media platform which is gaining more and more traction, i think the world is their oyster and I look forward to seeing what they can continue to achieve in the years to come.

All of this just felt like it was a perfect fit for ShoreTees and the ethos I hold dear, so it wasn’t hard for me to realise this was our next link.  I’m so pleased as a small business that ShoreTees SUPwear can support a family organisation that is trying so very hard to change the way we all think about Plastic.

As with SaS, I cannot recommend visiting the Less Plastic website enough as you will find some amazing bits of information and if you can support them through donations I know they will be very grateful as without donations they cannot continue to #BeTheChange.

I look forward to sharing my journey of isentyfying people and organisation that I want to work with and help as we develop as a business but one this is clear for me.  ShoreTees SUPwear is an enabler for me to be able to give back to our community and environment and I will always strive to do the very best I can to continue that ethos.  

That is my choice and one which I am proud of and always will be.  

So, as always, #LiveBeyond and know and believe that you are more than the perception of others, you are amazing!

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